Fraudulent Email in Circulation

News Center 13 has recently received an e-mail from the office of KY Attorney General Ben Chandler, warning of a fraudulent email that has been circulating during the past several days.

Consumers' responses to the e-mail could be used to gain access to consumers' credit information or other personal financial information.

The email states that Best Buy's fraud department recently received an order using the consumer's personal credit card information. The email then goes on the state that Best Buy has some suspicions regarding the order and asks that the consumer click on a hypertext link to enter a special fraud department page where the consumer could verify or decline the order. Responding to this email or clicking on the hypertext link can put the consumer's information in jeopardy. Consumers are warned not to respond to this email!

If you think you may have replied to the fraudulent email in any way, contact your bank and/or credit card companies immediately.

Best Buy is working with appropriate authorities to quickly resolve this situation. Best Buy states that none of their systems of been compromised and that their on-line business is secure. However, if you have questions, contact their Customer Care Office at 1-888-BEST BUY.

To find out more about identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Web site at or call 1-877 ID THEFT.