Crime Stoppers: Train Vandals

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Bowling Green police are investigating damage at the L&N Depot Railpark on Kentucky Street. Sometime Tuesday or Wednesday, August 29 or 30, someone damaged the historic train cars parked at the depot.

More than $3,000 in damage was caused when the perpetrators threw rocks at the cars, breaking windows and chipping paint.

Among the cars damaged are a rare 1949 Duncan Hines diner, the only completely intact L&N sleeper of its kind, and the oldest L&N presidential car in the world.

Ten windows were broken and several rock pecks were caused, as someone stood on the railroad tracks and threw the rocks over the fence.

If you know anything about this vandalism, please call "Crime Stoppers" at 781-CLUE or click here to visit their website. You could get up to $1,000 for your anonymous tip.