Stolen Property Recovered

Four Bowling Green residents are in jail tonight after State Police discovered over $130,000 of stolen property.

Twenty-seven-year-old Dameon Thurman is charged with receiving over $300 of stolen property, and 21-year-old Rachel Bratcher and 18-year-old Michael Bratcher are charged with second degree burglary.

Police say Michael and Rachel broke into a residence at 188 Keeneland Court in Bowling Green where they stole some $135,000 worth of property. Eighteen-year-old Seth Riffey was also arrested in connection with this incident.

A two-month investigation and a tip from “Crime Stoppers” led police to the stolen property at Thurman’s apartment. Kentucky State Police Detective Scott Skaggs said when police entered the Lost Circle apartment, it became evident they had the correct location.

“We instantly saw we had the right residence, we had items all over the apartment that were stolen,” Skaggs said.

Police say they also discovered pawn tickets which indicate that some of the items had been sold. Skaggs says it’s important for property owners to keep a list of the serial numbers from expensive items so they can be tracked.

“If you have a serial number when we recover items like this, all we have to do is look at that serial number and we know who the owner is,” Skaggs explained.

Items from two churches which were burglarized were also recovered.

If you believe items recovered by the state police are yours, you can call them between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. at 782-2010 or go to the Post on 31-W.