Martin's Family Speaks Out About His Accused Killer

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The woman charged with murder for driving the truck that killed two prominent Bowling Green businessman was in court Thursday morning. Mickey Mosher appeared in Logan County Circuit Court for a pretrial conference. Mosher tested positive for marijuana the day she hit and killed Cornelius Martin and Brooks Mitchell. Martin's wife tells WBKO what she would like to see happen.

"Actually it was very surprising to me. I did not even recognize the woman who is accused of killing my husband," said Gail Martin, the wife of Cornelius Martin.

When Mickey Mosher walked past the family of Cornelius Martin not a word was said. Mosher is charged with murder for driving under the influence of marijuana and hitting three motorcycles in June 2006 on Kentucky Highway-79 in Logan County. Martin and Brooks Mitchell were killed in the wreck. Another rider, Bill Leachman was injured.

"Today was very emotional. Today was the first day that I saw Lisa and Bill Leachman since the accident. And I'm just so happy to see Bill and see that he's doing good," Martin said.

Mosher's attorney says the pretrial conference was basically to make sure that she was taking care of her bond agreement.

"We entered a formal plea of not guilty today, consistent with what we've done previously," said Stewart Wheeler, Mosher's attorney.

An amendment to the charges against Mosher was also read in court. The amendment changed verbiage in the indictment from being under the influence of pseudoephedrine to being under the influence of marijuana. A toxicology report showed Mosher had used marijuana three hours before the accident. Now Martin's family says they want to see justice served.

"I think justice is that she gets a long sentence and she's removed from society and she has time to think about what she has done to three families definitely," Martin said.

She says it has been a painful time in the families' lives that they want to get past and they are looking forward to the trial which is now scheduled for February 2007.

"We're just looking to move forward. And putting this part of our lives behind us," Martin said.

Bill Leachman, who was also at the pretrial conference, said he is feeling good. Leachman had to have a leg amputated as a result of the accident. But he asked not to be on camera. Mosher's next court date is scheduled for Jan. 11, 2007, that is when they will determine her exact trial date. Stay connected to WBKO as we continue to follow this story.