Girls Inc. Fitness Program

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Area programs are beginning to take a proactive approach to children’s lack of ambition to be active. This has been a concern on the national level for some time and is now being focused on, in the local level.

Girls Inc. in Bowling Green is launching a new program, Stepping Stones to help get your children into shape. Girls Inc. has noticed over the years the decrease in ambition in children to be active. Executive Director, Patty Alford said, “Getting them to go outside is really hard to do even on nice cool days.”

What children and some parents may not realize is the seriousness of this decrease in activity, many researchers say it’s becoming an epidemic.

Dr. Zahid Fraser of Bowling Green said, “There are a lot of consequences.” Consequences in children can range from psychological effects to high blood pressure and from high cholesterol to even heart problems as they grow into adults.

Girls Inc. feels that their program is going to help these girls become more informed about the issue. “I feel kids don’t have the information today about being active,” Alford explained.

More working parents and fast food restaurants are detrimental factors that many researchers feel play into our inactivity with children, that leads to obesity.

Alford said, “I think it’s the way our society has evolved.” It is important for parents to take a proactive approach with their children and their health.

“They can do things in school, like in the gym and at recess then coming home and riding their bikes,” Dr. Fraser suggested. Doctors today are even writing prescriptions that are strict instructions for children to go home and do physical activity such as play tennis or going for a walk.

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