Local Restaurant Deals With Outbreak

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440 Chef Brian Jennings said up until last week, the restaurant served a baby spinach salad and spinach dip.

After catching wind of the spinach-related illnesses, they immediately took action.

"It was of the utmost importance for us from safety as of the utmost concern for us here. We took it off the menu immediately."

They have instead found other ways to carry on.

"We've just eliminated the use of spinach on the menu or with one item in particular, we have gone to a quick-frozen spinach that the FDA deemed safe."

Jennings said most patrons are aware of the situation.

Still the management of 440 is putting it in fine print.

"Not everyone has been aware so we've went ahead and written down on our menus that the FDA has actually recalled or asked that people not eat fresh-bagged spinach."

He says despite the changes, sales of the spinach dishes at the restaurant are at a stand still.

"Between us informing our guests and people being currently aware of the situation, the sales of spinach are very rare at this point."

He said he's not surprised at the hesitation on eating spinach-related dishes.

"I think people will be leery for a while. It takes time to get over something like this."

Jennings also said he will not use fresh-bagged leafy green again until the Food and Drug Administration gives the green light.

The FDA urges you not to eat fresh spinach.

The organization also says if you believe you have been sick recently after eating spinach you should seek medical treatment immediately. Visit www.FDA.gov for further information on the E. coli oubtreak.