Warren County's Math Consultant

Alice Cantrell is working to educate teachers on new ways to teach their students.

"We're just putting things in kids’ hands. Maybe it's a geoboard, and you probably seen those where they take the rubber bands and maybe they're making a square, and this way you can look and you know that children know what a square is," said Alice Cantrell, Warren County's Math Consultant.

The 19-year veteran of the Warren County School District also gets into the classroom, so the teachers can see how she uses new methods.

"It's good for me to see her model teaching and then I can use the tips she uses with my students," said Karen Scott, a teacher at Natcher Elementary.

If the teachers have a question about their style, they can have Cantrell come into the class and observe.

"This is in a non-threatening environment. It's not like the principal coming in to do your formal observation. This 'I think I need help in this area what can you do to help me?" said Cantrell.

Alice and the teacher then discuss the method and how it can be improved.

"Many of the teachers haven't had the hands-on experiences. They weren't taught using hands-on manipulatives themselves. They were taught more like I was a traditional textbook," said Cantrell.

Since this is the first year for this position, Cantrell says her goal is to get into more classrooms and let the teachers know of all of the new methods.

Cantrell works with 14 teachers in the elementary schools. Warren East Middle has its own math coach as do the all of the Warren County high schools.