West Nile in Hopkinsville

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Since Sept. 13, 2006, three confirmed cases of the disease have hit Hopkinsville, Ky.

One of the three cases died due to the virus while the other two victims are being treated at Jennie Stuart Medical Center with one expected to be released soon.

"This the first three cases we've had in our county in humans we've had some positive cases in birds but with humans its a different situation," said Anita Simmons, Public Health Director for the Christian County Health Department.

"Last year, we had more cases in northern Kentucky. This year we have it here. Next year, we may have it somewhere else," added Pennyrile Regional Epidemiologist for the Christian County Health Department.

Christian County isn't the only place struggling with the disease carried through mosquitoes and birds.

According to Pasupulati, a total of five cases have been reported in Kentucky.

Indiana has had 94 cases reported and 35 other states have had reports of humans infected.

The disease first began to catch Americans attention at the beginning of the decade when many cases were being reported throughout the country.

The mass hysteria seemed to die down.

Pasupulati stated the disease is still hitting Americans hard despite less publicity.

"Since it has become a regular disease that is showing in the public, it is no more a sensation," said Pasupulati.

Simmons says in the light of the three cases, the city of Hopkinsville and the county are increasing efforts to spray for mosquitoes as well as making the community aware of the disease.

"With the extra spraying and with the citizens knowing what they need to do to take care of themselves, we hope we won't see any new cases of West Nile."

In 2005, Kentucky had five reported cases of West Nile Virus.

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