Internal Pedestrian Loop Coming Soon?

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If the Greenways Commission has their way, pedestrians living in neighborhoods near the River Walk will have an easier way to get there.

The group presented a proposal to the City Commission Tuesday night asking for $300,000 to help create the internal loop that would extend from the new skate park to the Delafield Community.

In order to make this a reality...The city would have to add pedestrian signals to several intersections like the the one on Kentucky and 6th Street.

"The advice we've received from traffic engineers and both the local and the district highway level is to go straight across, making improvements where there's traffic control. That means where there's a traffic signal already," says Greenways Coordinator, Helen Siewers.

However, Greenways Committee member Jim Bullington says that although he supports the idea, some more thought needs to be given before the green light should be given by the Commission.

"I feel that the speed needs to be addressed. The traffic signals themselves need to be addressed because there is a left turn and a right turn on red there. So traffic is never really stopped."

The internal loop will be up for discussion again at the City Commission's next meeting on October 3rd.

To view the layout plan for the internal loop click here.

To view the entire proposal for the internal loop click here.