Goodrum Pleads Not Guilty

Scales of Justice
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Prosecutors will seek the death penalty for two men charged with setting a WKU student on fire after raping and stabbing her.

Lucas Goodrum pleaded innocent Tuesday in Warren County Circuit Court, a day after Stephen Soules did the same. Goodrum is charged with murder, first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy and first-degree arson, or complicity to those charges.

Citing Supreme Court Case Brady vs. Maryland, Goodrum's attorney David Broderick made a motion to obtain all evidence in the case, including videotape, grand jury testimony, test results, finger prints; even statements Broderick believes may even exonerate his client. Judge Thomas Lewis ruled the commonwealth must supply Broderick with the information by Monday of next week.

After Tuesday's arraignment Broderick told reporters he believes Goodrum and co-defendant Stephen Soules will be tried separately. Although Soules' attorney Zack Kafoglis anticipates making a motion to move the trial, Broderick says he will most likely "not" ask for a change of venue.

Goodrum and Soules are scheduled to appear in court September 22 for a pretrial conference hearing. Both men remain at the Warren County Regional Jail without bond.