Local Organizations Helping Abused Animals

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Local animal groups are stepping up in an effort to save as many dogs and cats as they can, who were victims of a recent animal cruelty crime in Adair County.

Employees and volunteers at both Warren County's Humane Society and our local rescue have spent the day bathing and taking care of around 150 dogs and cats.

But their work isn't going unnoticed as hundreds of rescue groups from across the U.S. are trying to help.

It's all in an effort to ensure these animals don't go back to the same conditions they just came from.

"We first got involved with the situation about 5p.m. Friday and never did we think it would be to the level that it is," explained Lorri Hare, with the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society.

More than a hundred cats and dogs, many covered in mange, insects and infection, all here at the Warren County Humane Society.

"These animals were in horrible shape," Hare said.

They were taken from the Green River Animal Shelter in Adair County, a shelter not equipped to care for so many.

"The facility is just a small town shelter," she said. "They don't have a lot of staff. They don't have a lot of funding."

So the Warren County shelter and Bowling Green's "RePets" have been helping ever since.

"We're going to get them vetted. We're going to take care of them here. The main thing is just getting them healthy," assured Sarah Wilde, with RePets.

The animals were brought to the Columbia shelter, after David Howery, the owner of Clean Slate Animal Rescue was arrested.

Police found the animals either sick or dead in his care.

But RePets, a local rescue, says Howery's operation was more like a puppy mill.

"Rescues know what numbers they can and can't have. If animals aren't in good health, it's not in fact a rescue," Wilde said.

"I'm very lucky he didn't get any animals from our facility," Hare added.

The Warren County Humane Society has been working non-stop to move as many of these animals into rescues both in-state and out, and plan to head back to the Green River Shelter to pick up more.

That's because Hare says the outcome for those left in Adair County won't be good.

"Unfortunately by the weekend they will be euthanizing majority of these animals," Hare said.

Both the Warren County Humane Society and RePets are asking for blankets, shampoo, financial donations and even volunteers, in hopes of finding these animals and the ones they previously had good homes.
For more on how you can help, click here and visit www.repets.biz.

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