Rand Paul Discusses Possible Senate Run

Ron Paul started a "revolution" as he ran unsuccessfully for the Presidency of the United States.

Now, his son may be picking up where his father left off by running for high political office.

Bowling Green eye surgeon Rand Paul may officially throw his name in the hat to become Kentucky's next U.S. Senator.

As Rand Paul concentrates on his job as an eye doctor, he's keeping one of his own eyes focused on current U.S. Senator Jim Bunning.

"Lately I think Jim Bunning has been getting a raw deal from some Republicans."

So the son of Texas legislator, Ron Paul, is ready to step up if Bunning steps down.

"There are rumors that he might not run and I think if he doesn't run, we need to have a conservative in the race."

But Paul is quick to tell all who'll listen that while he is very invested in running for Senator, he won't do it if Bunning seeks re-election.

If Paul does start to erect campaign banners, his stance on issues will very closely mirror those of his father.

"I think in many ways we'd be similar. We both believe in limited government. I believe governments should run balanced budgets."

The "Junior" Paul says a stimulus plan is fine - only if America doesn't have to borrow or print more money.

And he's against the "big government" he says is making socialist moves, like nationalizing banks and giving big bailout packages.

But is a man who's never even run for political office, let alone held one, really qualified to be a Senator?

"Yes I believe so. What makes him any more or less qualified than anybody up there?"

"I definitely do. Its all about what the people want."

"I just think that someone would need to have some kind of experience."

Paul actually says being the "new kid" to politics could be a major plus.

"I think people are getting tired of these career politicians who its the only thing they've ever done."

Although being a candidate in the political arena would be new for Paul, he has confidence an underdog can come out on top.

"I think an outsider can win sometimes."

Paul wants to meet with Senator Bunning within the next month to discuss the Senator's plans before making a decision on whether he'll be on the primary ballot.

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