Soliciting Sex Online: Craigslist Sex Ads Hit south Central Kentucky

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Perhaps the last place you'd expect to hear about prostitutes would be a website like Craigslist, but now that's all changed.

Sam Provenzano tells us how Craigslist is now a prime place for prostitutes to solicit sex-- Including right here in south central Kentucky.

"Lets' get tricky"

"Meet the girl next door"

"I really need money"

"It started out as a way to sell things and look for jobs and then it's evolved like other sites out there have into more deeper--darker things," stated Bowling Green Police officer Barry Pruitt.

Darker things like prostitution.

Officer Pruitt says, the department has been receiving complaints about prostitution ads being posted on the popular website Craigslist in and near south central Kentucky.

"It's pretty shocking just to think this is going on in Bowling Green, you would never think it would happen in your own hometown or whatever," said one area resident.

"It kind of blows my mind, I don't know anyone who would put themselves out like that!" added another.

"Is it a big problem here in Bowling Green? No it's not a big problem but we don't want it to become a big problem here so that's why when we get complaints we need to follow up on them," stated Officer Pruitt.

And they are.

Arrests have been made and officers are cracking down.

"This is a continuing investigation and there have been arrests in the past for soliciting prostitution in our area so it's something you need to stay away from," stated Officer Pruitt.

Just because an ad is placed in Bowling Green's forum, doesn't always mean the people posting are.

"A lot of the these people may not even be from Bowling Green, they may be from Louisville or Nashville, but see this as a target area so they advertise in this portion of Kentucky," added Officer Pruitt.

And don't think just because your name isn't being used on the site you won't be caught.

"A lot of people think that when they go online like this they are anonymous, but the reality is they are actually not," stated Officer Pruitt.

With only 28 people on their staff and thousands of ads posted each day, it's almost impossible for Craigslist to monitor every advertisement.

Craigslist recently told ABC News , they're doing all they can to keep out illegal activity.

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