Restaurant Owner Forced Out of Business

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Jimmy Knally never imagined that his dream of owning a restaurant would last only 15 days, and cost him most of his lifesavings.

Knally's Riverwalk Grill has shut it's doors forever after Knally receive an eviction notice from his landlords, the Bale Oil Company, who are selling the property and their adjoining tire store to BGMU for a future water plant expansion.

Knally has rented the Quonset Hut where the restaurant is located for five years, and was repeatedly told by members of the Bale family that his month-to-month lease was secure.

Knally says he feels betrayed by Bale family members he considered friends, and BGMU officials who granted him permits to begin his business even as they were in negotiations to by the property.

In explaining their silence, BGMU's president Larry Miller asserts a legal obligation not to give away confidential information to a tenant while in negotiations with the property's owner.

Knally says he still hopes to receive some reimbursement for the more than $40,000 he invested in the business.