Warren Fiscal Court Kept Out of Beech Bend Dispute

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An injunction issued by Circuit Court Judge Tom Lewis Thursday will prevent Warren County's fiscal court from stepping into the ongoing Beech Bend road dispute. Beech Bend owner Dallas Jones contends the 1/2 mile stretch of road in question is public property, while Appellate Court Judge Matt Baker says the road is his private drive. Jones has a vested interest in the road's ownership because his track uses it for tractor trailer access during race events.

Judge Baker has repeatedly told Jones that Beech Bend is free to use the road whenever they need to, but Jones says he needs legal clarification to reassure race promoters who are threatening to move their events elsewhere because of the access road question.

Warren County Judge Executive Mike Buchanon says he and the magistrates will remain out of any ongoing legal action, and would not have made any determinations at their meeting Friday morning with or without an injunction.

The civil suit filed by Jones to determine the road's ownership will go to trial November 24th.