Franklin Residents Hope to Remove Illegal Dump Site

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Homeowners in the 200 block of Liberty St. in downtown Franklin are fed up with a temporary junkyard that has sprung up behind their backyards.

Residents have been pleading with the city's Zoning and Planning Commission for months to force a local waste hauling company to stop using the back of a warehouse building as a dump site, and remove the trash that has collected their.

Neighbors cite health hazards and environmental issues as their primary concerns, not to mention the eyesore that they say the back of their property has become.

The city of Franklin has negotiated a contract with the company to help pay for the removal and relocation of the junk to a new site just a few blocks away.

Residents have been waiting for the removal of the trash, but say so far, nothing has happened. Newscenter 13 spoke to workers from the waste-hauling company Wednesday, and we were told the trash will be removed within the next few days.