Hometown Hero- Justin Slayton

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It was a normal after school day at the Slayton residence in Metcalfe County. Four year-old Cody and three year old Nathan were playing with their older brother Justin about 25 feet from their house. Suddenly, things didn't seem right.

Nathan had suffered a seizure.

Not knowing what happened Justin told his other brother Cody to call his parents.

Justin then carried Nathan in his arms closer to the house and stayed by Nathan's side.

EMS crews arrived at the scene shortly after Justin's parents called 911. They say Justin's decision to stay with Nathan - ultimately saved his brother's life.

David Slayton, Justin's father, says Justin has always been a role model to his younger brothers and now he will always be remembered as their hero.

This is the first time Nathan suffered a seizure.

EMS crews told the Slayton's that a sudden fever drop caused the seizure. The Slayton's say they don't know how Justin knew exactly what to do in this situation but they are very fortunate he did.