WKU Rock the Vote

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The Web site civicyouth.org says in the 2004 elections there were 24.9 million American citizens aged 18 to 24 who were eligible to vote.

Only 47 percent of that group actually made it to the polls.

As part of MTV's Rock the Vote event, Western Kentucky University did its part Thursday morning to get more students encouraged to vote this upcoming November.

The event also gave students a chance to get to know some local candidates who are running for office.

"The candidates tell who they are and what they're running for and what districts they're in and encourage kids to go out and vote for them," says Women's Studies Faculty member Molly Kerby.

The Rock the Vote event also emphasized to students how important it is to vote.

"I don't think students understand that a lot of these issues going on do effect them, that there are some issues that they may not identify with directly, but there are a lot of issues on campus alone that effect them," says WKU Senior Becky Young.

"There's a lot of legislation that affects them and they don't realize it, like their financial aid and their housing and all of those things, so we're trying to encourage students to go out and vote for the things that matter most to them," says Molly Kerby.

"It's gonna let them realize that the legislation passed in the town is gonna effect the way the schools run and in turn how their education is set up," says WKU Senior Kyle Sykes.

For WKU senior Kyle Sykes the event was also a way to make students aware of where they can vote.

"A lot of students feel they can't vote because they live on campus or are from a different area of the state or out of state even. They can vote in this town because this is their town. They're here a majority of their year so their opinions matter here," says Sykes.

Those helping out with the event wanted to get the point across to students that no matter where they are from they are able to register locally for the upcoming elections.

Today's event also concluded Western's Constitution Week.