Gas Prices Drop Locally

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"I would say its about time."

Vivian Johnson is thrilled about gas prices finally taking a dip to less than a dollar and a quarter a gallon.

According to, in the past month, gas prices in Kentucky have gone from $2.60 all the way down to $2.13.

Johnson says while she is happy about the price change, she thinks it could very well be linked to the upcoming political elections in November.

"During the election season, anything that's making the citizens make more money and have less expenses is always good for any political candidate."

Jeff Dean says he would like to see gas prices fall below two dollars.

He thinks the dip in prices will be short-lived and prices will go back up after the Christmas season.

That's why he's enjoying the cheaper priced gas while he can.

"Well, I try to get more. Like instead of 5 or 10, I get 15 or 20. Then if it goes up I'll have a little more gas."

Dean admits the constantly changing price for fuel can be frustrating.

"One day you don't know where its going to be. You get used to one price and then there's another price."

Whether these decline in gas prices is temporary or long-lasting remains to be seen.

Nationwide gas prices have dropped nearly almost fifty cents from this time last month.

In late September of 2005 gas prices in Kentucky were around $2.80 a gallon.