Russellville Road Flooding

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If you were traveling through Bowling Green this weekend following the heavy rain you may have noticed one main road that was flooded.

A portion of Russellville Road was shut down for part of the day, but this wasn't the first time this road has seen this problem.

"The problem out there that people are experiencing when we have a major rain event is drainage problems. Right now it's not able to accomodate the amount of water that's coming in off the roadway", says Keirsten Jaggers, the Public Information Officer for the Transportation Cabinet, District 3.

Water over the road isn't uncommon for this section of this busy street and it seems time and time again after heavy rain hits the area this is what this road looks like due to the drainage problem.

"It's an issue that really only happens when we do have a major rain event. It's not something every single time it rains, just major huge rain events like we had over the weekend", says Jaggers.

Due to this the road can sometimes be shut down from the flooding and can be an inconvenience to many drivers.

It can also create a dangerous driving environment with that much water on the roadway. That is soon set to change.

"We have a project for that specific area. We're looking at probably starting that project in about a month, thirty to sixty days. It will address the drainage problem and alleviate the problem we experience now", says Jaggers.

So, water over that portion of Russellville Road that many motorists see after a heavy rainfall may soon come to an end.

Jaggers says drivers will soon see workers out repairing this problem.

"They should be out there in a month or so taking care of it", says Jaggers.

The Transportation Cabinet hopes to start on this project in the next thirty to sixty days and are looking at a completion date around the first of the year.