Ralph Adkins in Court

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Last week, Ralph Adkins was charged with DUI when he crashed into a utility pole on Morgantown Road. Kentucky State Police say a motorcyclist tried to avoid the crash, but was electrocuted when he slid into wires from the utility pole.

The first trooper on the scene said Adkins admitted drinking whiskey that night. Trooper Grant also found cases of unopened beer, empty beer cans and a cap to a liquor bottle.

Defense Attorney Stewart Wheeler said he wants to see the scene of the accident around the time it occurred, which hasn't been determined yet. Trooper Grant was called to the scene at 9:43 p.m. CST.

"At this point, you have a driving under the influence case, but to me it would be a stretch to charge this man with murder," Wheeler said.

But, Commonwealth Attorney Chris Cohron said just the opposite.
"I think anytime you have an individual, by their own actions causes the death of another, then you have to look at drugs and alcohol involved and homicide is a very viable charge."

Judge Brent Potter has set bail for Ralph Adkins at $250,000.
He also suggested Adkins see a substance abuse counselor.