Rachel's Challenge

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Students at Butler County Middle have taken on a challenge to stop bullying and to be nicer to others.

A little over a month ago, Rachel's Challenge was introduced to the students. Rachel's Challenge is a world-wide program created by the family of Rachel Scott.

Rachel was the first student killed in the Columbine shootings in April of 1999. Her six diaries have become an educational tool for students across the world.

"If somebody drops their books, I've seen people help pick them up. I've done stuff like that," said Coty Alford, a seventh grader.

"I saw this girl getting bullied, so I went over there to help her," said Rachel Rose, a sixth grader.

Besides listening to a presentation about Rachel Scott and signing the banner, the teachers have followed up with lessons about different character traits, which include compassion, integrity, perseverance, having a positive mental attitude, honesty and cooperation.

"These are skills that we have to have no matter where we are at home, at the workplace or here at school," said Anita Cardwell, the coordinator for the school.

Students and teachers said they're seeing a difference.

"Life has just been much better here at Butler County Middle School," said Miriam Taylor, a coordinator for the school. "They're working together; they're cooperating with the teachers and with the students. They're more of a family. We've become a family again."

The teachers at the school hope the students take this message with them and tell others about Rachel's Challenge.

For more information, you can log onto www.rachelschallenge.com.

And to hear what Butler County Middle School students had to say, click on each individual photo below to hear their thoughts.

6th Grader - Rachel Rose
6th Grader - Rachel Rose Interview">

6th Grader - Madeline Drake
6th Grader - Madeline Drake Interview">

7th Grader - Coty Alford
7th Grader - Coty Alford Interview">

7th Grader - Zach Brooks
7th Grader - Zach Brooks Interview">

7th Grader - Michael Pierson
7th Grader - Michael Pierson Interview">