Brownsville Business Floods

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Owners of Hometown Cabinetry and Furniture said the storm left standing water inside their business. They told WBKO the water ruined thousands of dollars worth of supplies and has slowed down production.

But business owners said this isn't the first obstacle they have faced. In August 2006, part of the building, which they rent from the city, burned.

Their business suffered smoke and water damage, but the owners said the city never helped repair the facility.

All the equipment inside Hometown Cabinetry and Furniture is insured, but owners do not have renters insurance. They told us they tried to take out a policy immediately after the fire, but were waiting on quotes when the storm hit.

Owners said Mayor Tim Houchens did come out to look at the damage Sept. 25, 2006, after an employee slipped and fell on the wet floor.

We tried to contact Mayor Houchens, but were told he was out of the office.