Houchens gives $400,000 to New Chamber Building

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Houchens Industries, Inc. announced it's $400,000 donation to the new Chamber of Commerce building that will be constructed at the corner of 7th and College Streets.

Houchens' donation plus hundreds of other donations from South Central Kentucky businesses will make construction of the 17,000 square foot building possible.

The total amount of money donated to the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce's capital campaign is $2.8 million. Houchens' donation is the largest, which gives the business naming rights to the new facility.

"It's such an intangible part of the community, it's hard to put a figure on what you give back to something that brings so much to the community. Without The Chamber, we wouldn't be Bowling Green,"
Board Chairman of Houchens Industries Jimmie Gipson said. "Houchens is excited about the opportunity to be considered as a candidate for the naming rights of the new Chamber building."