New Butler Co. Technology Center

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The citizens of Butler County will be the beneficiaries of a new area technology center, and Governor Ernie Fletcher attended the school's opening celebration Sept. 26, 2006.

In years past, students seeking post-secondary technology education would be bused to Ohio County's Technology Center, but Butler County has now opened a technology center that is tasked with trying to improve the climate for health care, automotive, and carpentry students.

"All of these classes that are offered here will allow students to come out with immediately marketable skills so they can get a job right off the bat and make a good wage and a good salary," Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher said.

The school has been fully accredited by the the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, which makes it unique. It is the first and only technology system in the nation with this accreditation.

"Well, what we're shooting for is excellence in education and by being SACS accredited we are nationally accredited," noted the Technology Center's principal, Eric Keeling.

Accreditation is a key ingredient that Governor Fletcher said will improve the likelihood that graduates of the school will have long-lasting careers.

"Building careers is extremely important. Its kind of the next step in education where we make sure that there's a certain knowledge base," Governor Fletcher said.

Keeling agreed. "By using tech education in the elected forces and the program areas, they can incorporate the academic into the technical and make a more meaningful situations."

Keeling also said opening this technology center is already aiding Butler County in attracting new industry after losing three over the past few years.

" We've actually met with a particular industry right now that's looking to locate here. They haven't made an official announcement here yet. But we've talked to them about training and their needs and the type of technicians they're going to be looking for from our facility."

As part of the ribbon cutting ceremony, Governor Fletcher also presented the county with several checks.

In total, over 2.1 million dollars will go towards infrastructure authority funds, agricultural diversification funding, and water and sewer projects.