Warren County Tax Rate May Go Down

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In a special meeting today, the Warren County Fiscal Court approved the first reading of the ordinance for the 2006-2007 tax rate.

2006-2007 Warren County Tax Rates
Personal Property 18.5 Cents
Real Property 13.5 Cents
Motor Vehicle/Watercraft 16.2 Cents
Bank Deposit .00025 Cents

"Personal property" taxes are going down a tenth of a cent, to 18-and-a-half cents per one-hundred dollars of assessed value. "Real property" taxes remain at 13-and-a-half cents per hundred dollars, taxes on "motor vehicles and watercraft" stay at 16-point-2 cents per hundred dollars, and "franchise bank deposit taxes” will stay at .00025.

The fiscal court votes on the second reading of the tax rate ordinance at a special meeting set for 9 a.m. Monday, October 9.