Circuit Judge’s Explanation on Illegal Immigrants

Todd County’s circuit judge issues a strongly worded explanation about why it was illegal to jail more than a dozen immigrants without bond.

WBKO first brought you the story earlier this month when 16 Hispanic males from Logan and Todd County were brought before Circuit Judge Tyler Gill. Most were charged with traffic violations or misdemeanor charges.

The 16 men had been jailed since August 2006 and Logan District Judge Sue Carol Browning had ordered they be held without bond. She wanted to make sure they were in custody long enough for Homeland Security and the INS to determine if they were in the country illegally.

After the Sept. 8, 2006, hearing before Judge Gill, most of the defendants were released on bail and scheduled to appear back in court in October 2006.

Judge Gill said holding them without bond or a future trial date violated both the federal and Kentucky constitution.

In his eight page order, Judge Gill addressed three main reasons why detaining the men was illegal. To view Judge Gill's eight page order click here.