Concrete Guitar

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The guitar creation is made out of concrete and came about during a class presentation. Sloan wrote a report on making a concrete electric guitar. His Civil Engineering professor Matt Dettman was so impressed he told his pupil to actually create the instrument.

"Parker being able to combine one of his passions with his engineering education and that part was really outstanding to me," Dettman said.

"Basically I'm sort of a tinkerer, I guess. I play guitar so I'm always trying to make them play better. So I take them apart, work with stuff so I just learned how to do that," Sloan said.

This past summer, Sloan spent about five to six hours a day working with a concrete mold to make the guitar come together. Sloan tried building three unsuccessfully before finally getting it perfected.

"One was too heavy. One wasn't strong enough. One didn't cure right. The fourth one's pourage was just right."

Sloan also said that while the concrete version plays just like any normal wooden model, the sound is slightly different.

"Its got more bite; it has more pop, sort of a more trebly sound as opposed to a wooden guitar which will resonate more."

Sloan said he will continue to make more concrete guitars.

He has sent pictures of his creation to Gibson Guitars headquarters who has expressed some interest in this unique style of guitar. Sloan said he also plans on coming up with a one-of-a-kind body shape for a future concrete guitar.