Domestic Violence Shelter Safety

Authorities said John "Woody" Woodring pushed his way into a domestic violence shelter in Sylva, N.C., where his estranged wife was staying and killed her with a shotgun.

Woodring fled in a stolen blue Honda Civic sparking a nationwide search for his arrest. Janet Woodring's murder has made victims and advocates of domestic violence everywhere realize how fragile their security really is.

"When women in our shelter heard about it, we reassured them that we'll do everything we can to keep them safe, but there are no guarantees."

In Bowling Green, protection is now an even higher priority at Barren River Area Safe Space, where security begins at the front door.

"Every door to the shelter is locked, no matter who it is, myself included, we have to be buzzed in and buzzed out. We do checks every morning and evening to make sure safety connections are in place," said BRASS Executive Director Lee Alcott.

Alcott said in case of a serious emergency, help is just a phone call and a couple of minutes away.

"We do have panic buttons that ring directly to Bowling Green Police Department, so in the event of an unsafe situation, the advocate would just touch a button."