National School Shootings Hit Close To Home

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"It definitely re-enforces that thought that it could in fact happen any where and that no community, no area of the country, the state is immune from something like this," he says.

The city school system is confident that its security measures are enough to take care of its children but Tinius acknowledges keeping intruders out is never far from their minds.

"We've always been concerned about someone coming from outside of the building and have worked the building and have worked very hard to make sure that our buildings are secured throughout the school day; that we have a way of tracking those coming in throughout the day.

Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary has been equipped with security cameras as well as Bowling Green High and Middle schools.

The middle and high schools also use handheld metal detectors.

The Bowling Green Independent School System has recently been named as part of a federal grant from the Green River Educational Co-operative to help with security measures.

"Its going to provide us and 10 other school districts in this region with the opportunity to review, do a thorough review of our emergency procedure plan to come in and look at any gaps that might exist either within our plans or our facilities."

He says he hopes these are moves that will prevent these types of tragedies from ever happening here.

"It does impact you and the thought that as an educator, as a teacher, a principal and a superintendent that those could be my children."

The school system will also strengthen up their checkout policy so that no one gets in without going past the front desk.

They will also increase their daily patrols for unlocked doors to the outside on the schools' campuses.

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