Former Congressional Page Reacts to Foley Resignation

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Bowling Green's Andrea Hall was thrilled when she was one of 72 high school students chosen to be a congressional page.
Hall, now 19, eagerly moved to Washington D.C in 2003 and spent a year there working and going to school. That's where she met Mark Foley.

"He was on the floor around pages more than most. We just thought he was friendly, but never really thought much about it."

Foley was a powerful republican congressman. He'd held the Florida seat for more than a decade and knew a lot about politics. He seemed eager to share that knowledge with young pages.

"He took his page to dinner on several occasions, which wasn't unusual, but he took his more often than most."

Hall says she was aware that Foley communicated with more than one page, often through email and instant messaging. But the content of those exchanges were never revealed, until recently.
Foley up and quit Friday amid allegations he sent sexually explicit electronic messages to teenage boys. Looking back, Hall admits there were some red flags.

"I was initially in shock, but when i think back, there were a lot of indications that something was going on."