Weatherizing Your Home

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Kentucky's Public Service Commission is urging residents to act now to reduce winter heating bills, which could be higher this winter for consumers using natural gas.

Here are a few tips from Kentucky's Public Service Commission that can help you conserve energy and weatherize your home, no matter what heating source you use:

1. Lower your thermostat during the winter months. Lowering the thermostat from 75 degrees to 68 degrees can cut energy bills by 10 to 15 percent.

2. On a similar note, turn down your water heater. This can be another big energy saver. Kentucky's Public Service Commission says 120 degrees is hot enough for nearly all uses.

3. Use caulk or weather-stripping to seal cracks around windows, doors, pipes and all other areas where cold air can enter your house. This can save you 10 percent or more on your energy bill.

4. Insulate! Added insulation in attics, crawl spaces and walls can make a big difference in winter weatherizing.

5. Cover regular windows with storm windows or plastic sheeting.

6. Clean or replace furnace filters monthly to improve airflow and efficiency.

7. One way to identify weatherization needs is to get a home energy audit. Many local utility companies offer home energy audits at little or no cost. These audits can identify energy-wasting trouble spots and provide information on how to correct the problems.

And for more advice on conserving energy, you can visit the Kentucky Department of Engery Website at:

Weatherization assistance is also available for low-income families. Call your local Community Action office to see if you qualify.

For more information on assistance programs, call: (502) 564-7536, extension 4235.

You can also visit this website: