Agritourism Signs Hope to Increase Tourism

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Soon signs may be pointing the way to various farming attractions in the area. Agriculture advocates want to help promote recreational sights like Chaney's Dairy Barn in Warren County, Ky. The directional signs that will be placed along city and county roads will be a part of The Cultural and Recreational Signage Program.

“What we would like to do is get people that are visiting (Kentucky) out to the farms," said Joanna Coles, Warren County Agriculture Extension Agent.

For instance, according to Coles, if you know about Chaney's Dairy Barn in Warren County you know how to get there, but if you're not from the area and you are pulling off the interstate you don't know which way to turn.

Representative DeCesare and agritourism advocates said by pointing people in the right direction with signs more people will get to experience the family farm. Much of the agritourism in South Central Kentucky is seasonal, like Jackson's Orchard, so during the off season the Jackson's Orchard sign would have to be covered. For year-round attractions there are other policies.

"The Guide Sign Program and agritourism enterprises have to be open five out of seven days a week, and one of those days has to be a weekend," Coles said about year-round attractions.

Whether seasonal or year-round, local farming attractions will have directional signs similar to the ones you see in Bowling Green, Ky., that lead you to Lost River Cave, which are part of The Cultural and Recreational Brown Sign Program. The big difference between the two different directional signs is that The Cultural and Recreational Signage Program will have a red barn logo, which will be used to point visitors in the right direction.

So in the future Coles hopes to tell visitors in the area to follow the little red barns!

“It's important because a lot of times the farms aren't located in population areas, but they're such a gem to go out and visit locations like Chaney’s and Jackson’s Orchard,” Coles said.