Comer Competency Hearing

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"She described a number of emotional traumas. Basically difficulties in life. Starting with being abused in childhood being abused by her husband. A lot of depression," said Robert Silvey, Jr.

During a teleconference Angela Comer's psychologist testified the former teacher claimed to have suffered from hallucinations since her early teens. Comer is accused of leaving the country and going to Mexico with a 14-year-old boy in January of this year. Clinical psychologist, Robert Silvey Jr., examined Comer to determine if she was competent to stand trial.

"The fact that at the time or just before the very day that she and the young man took off and left at one point she told me she was hearing voices that told her if the young man did kill himself it would be her fault," Silvey said.

Silvey testified that Comer claimed to have suffered physical and sexual abuse from family members as a child and adult. But that they were not enough to affect her logical thinking process.

"They were major contributing factors of emotional issues which in turn were contributing factors to the alleged criminal behavior," Silvey said.

Silvey also said Comer went into quite a bit of detail as far as the alleged criminal act.

"She said she did that because she felt forced to do it and she also used the word terrorized," Silvey said.

"Did she, in fact, tell you he put a gun, took possession of a gun she had in the car, and made her get in the passenger seat?" asked Commonwealth Attorney, Clay Hunley Jr.

"Yes," Silvey responded.

After Silvey's testimony, Judge Eddie Lovelace heard from the Commonwealth and the defense about whether Comer was competent to stand trial.

"Thus, the court, at this time, makes the determination that the defendant is competent to stand trial," said Jude Eddie Lovelace.

Comer also told the psychologist that the young man was obsessed with her and viewed their relationship as a romantic one, whereas she viewed it as motherly. Her attorney, Johnny Bell, asked the court for additional mental evaluations. However, after ruling Comer is competent to stand trial, Judge Lovelace went on to say he does not believe she needs further treatment. The case will go to trial on February 13, 2007.

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