Parents As Teachers

A parent education program is back in business thanks to a grant opportunity from a popular bear store.

Parents As Teachers is a program offered through the Family Enrichment Center. Its where parent educators make personal visits to families to help improve parenting skills, increase school readiness and provide health information. The program was eliminated as of June 30th because of funding being cut by United Way, but Parent Educator Nancy Booth reached out to Build-A-Bear Workshop to fill the void.

“Since Build-A-Bear started in St. Louis and so did Parents As Teacher, they were familiar with the program. When they found out our situation, they know how valuable it is,” Booth explains.
Parents as teachers

The $10,000 grant from Build-A-Bear, along with $500 from both Knights of Columbus and the Bowling Green Junior Woman’s Club means the program will continue for at least a year.

For more information on Parents As Teachers, you can call the Family Enrichment Center at (270) 781-6714.