Bowling Green Secures Grant for Redevelopment

Since 1999, the "Renaissance Kentucky Alliance" has been dedicated to re-building and revitalizing downtown areas throughout the state.
Thursday afternoon, the State presented the City of Bowling Green a one-million dollar check.

This highly anticipated donation has made it possible for the City to buy seven pieces of property in Circus Square, in hopes of bringing life back to the area. And in a surprise announcement after the announcement of the one-million dollar grant, the Commissioner of Local Government, Jody Lassiter, promised to ask Governor Patton for another million dollars to begin phase two of the project

Cheryl Blaine, executive director for the Downtown Redevelopment Authority, says that second million dollars would enable the city to buy all but one piece of property to complete the Circus Square project.

Since 1999, the Renaissance Kentucky Alliance has awarded the City of Bowling Green more than 11 Million dollars for redevelopment projects.