Hometown Hero- Helen Yvonne Harris

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Yvonne Harris recently retired after thirty years at Lincoln Elementary school.

As we find out in this week's hometown hero, Harris is a woman who's care and loyalty reaches beyond the children of her community.

Friends and family of Harris said this Simpson County native has come to mean so much to her Franklin Community.

Harris has acted as a role model, community leader, teacher, advisor, and mostly as a trusted friend to thousands of people here.

Students aren't the only ones who seek Harris' guidance.

She's served on more than 20 distinct and important community organizations in town -varying from family resources to local sports teams and to even the Franklin Electric Plant Board.

As a classroom teacher and guidance counselor, Harris has inspired and motivated countless students to pursue a college degree.

Harris said children know when your love and care is genuine and that a positive environment is the key to getting their trust.

This hometown hero said she hopes to leave behind a legacy of care and community service.

And mostly, positive outlook.

This is the second time Harris has been chosen as hometown hero.

Harris said she plans on spending a lot of her retirement time with her family.

But she also said she plans on remaining active in community organizations.