BG City Sign Ordinance

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You may have noticed and will continue to notice the decrease in temporary advertisement in the city of Bowling Green. This is due to the new efforts of the City County Planning Commission in regards to cleaning up Bowling Green.

The City County Planning Commission is cracking down on temporary signs in Bowling Green.

Stephen Hunter, the planning group manager said, “Some of these signs are campaign signs, some of these are diets signs and We Buy Houses signs.” Cigarette, beer and soft drink advertisements complete the plethora of local roadside signs as well.

The planning commission revised the general sign rules in 2004.

“We realized we still have this area of signage in Bowling Green that’s not really ugly or messy but it still hasn’t been addresses to the fullest degree,” Hunter said.

The clean up efforts are a collaboration of the commission along with the downtown redevelopment, Operation Pride, for the overall beautification of Bowling Green.

Temporary signs along roadways and fence lines will now be removed by the City County Planning Commission.

Signs are illegal when they are any type of sign that is in the public right-away, and action will be taken against offenders of this ordinance.

Todd Eadens, a Code Enforcement Officer explained, “Whenever they don’t stay in compliance or come out of compliance, at that point in time we will issue citations.”

With these citations, offenders are looking at fees of $100 for the first offense and double for the second offense. There could also be a day by day basis fine.

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