Hockey Rink in Disrepair

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For most, football and fall go hand in hand, although, for one group of kids the pig skin can take the sideline to make way for hockey. For the kids, and their parents involved in the Warren County Inline Hockey League there is frustration as they continue to play on a hockey rink in disrepair.

"It's pretty beat up, we need a new rink. Just puttin' cement and stuff in isn't working."

The board decided to cancel games last week after families arrived at practice Thursday and discovered pits in the rink had been patched inappropriately. Parents and players spent Saturday morning at the rink fixing the pits.

"We've tried to come out here on our own time and patch and fix, and keep the rink safe. This is the second time in three or four months that we've been out here on a saturday trying to take care of it ourselves."

According to Warren County Parks Director, Phil Moore the rink is safe to play on, it just needs a little attention.

"At this particular point, I feel like it's safe, it needs repair and our department has been working very aggressively in relation with the roller hockey board of directors to try to do that."

Moore says the parks department does regular inspections on the rink like all of its facilities. He says the department is even looking into completely resurfacing the existing rink, as well as building a second rink at the park.