County Judge Executive Battle Continues

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Warren County Judge Executive, Mike Buchanon said it would not surprise him at all if the 501(c)(3) group, Good Citizens for Good Government is used to attack him in the weeks leading to the election. Buchanon said his Democratic opponent, Harold Brantley has boasted for months about doing whatever it takes to win in November.

WBKO learned about the group on Oct. 6, 2006, after it was filed with the Secretary of State's office that day. The groups Incoporator, Dewey Glasscock of Alvaton, Ky., is a good friend of Brantley, as well as a contributor to his campaign.

"I've known Dewy Glasscock for forty years, yes a dear friend of mine."

According to the groups articles of incorporation it states the organization is exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes. When asked, Brantley told WBKO he had heard about the group and further reiterated the underlying educational theme.

"That is an educational corporation that just informs voters about certain issues, it's not only about elections its any kind of issue that wants to be aired."

It is against the law for charitable, non profit groups to back a political candidate or their campaign. Buchanon said when he heard about the group being formed he wondered why it was a 501 (c)(3).

"I heard that one of his friends was going to form it, then I heard about another one that is going to be a part of it, and I thought they were going to form a 527 which is the type of thing which are really used for political attack ads."

"They do not advertise for a candidate, they are an information corporation that talks about issues not a candidate but about issues," Brantley said about the organization.

"I expect to be attacked during a campaign, that's part of campaigning anymore unfortunately. I love campaigning, I love going out and knocking on doors and going to functions and meeting people and talking to people. And I absolutely hate the last four or five weeks when all the negative stuff hits," Buchanon said.

On Oct. 6, 2006, Buchanon retained the services of Bowling Green law firm English, Lucas, Priest, and Owsley. The firm sent a letter to Brantley and Glasscock as well as four other named members of the Good Citizens for Good Government group. The letter warned of violating state and federal campaign laws if the group made expenditures or conducted advertising campaigns.