Red Cross Executive Director Search

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The search is on for a new Executive Director for the local chapter of the South Central Kentucky American Red Cross.

Deneen Cooper is the former Executive Director of the South Central Kentucky American Red Cross.

She recently took a new job with the Red Cross in Cinncinnatti, Ohio leaving an opening for the local red cross in Bowling Green.

"We're looking for somebody that's responsible, has accountability with finance management, someone who can establish collaborative relationships throughout the community and with the media, and someone who has thorough knowledge of the Red Cross mission, priorities, and our goals. We're looking for somebody just to get out there and be able to do some fundraising, be able to do some public relations, and promote Red Cross and all the services that we offer,” says Chairman of the Board of Directors, Frank LaManna.

If you meet any of those qualifications and are interested in the job, the Board of Directors say you should apply sometime this week.

An Executive Committee has been established to select the new Executive Director.

That process will begin once all applications are received this week.

"That committee will have the responsibility of going through the applications and resumes and narrowing it down and selecting probably the top six to ten candidates for interviews,” says LaManna.

Until the new Executive Director is selected LaManna says he isn't too concerned about the American Red Cross saying that the organization is still in good hands.

"We're very pleased and lucky to have the qualified staff that we do,” says LaManna.

If you are interested in the Executive Director position you can contact the American Red Cross at 781-7377 for more information.