Food Safety Tips

Around a week after the spinach recall was lifted, carrot juice made by Bolthouse Farms is now being recalled.

The Barren River District Health Department says there are a few things you can do to help keep your food safe.

"Anytime it's at a temperature that is above 45 degrees there's going to be some bacteria growth. That depends, of course, how much bacteria was in the food to begin with, how warm it is. The warmer the temperature, the more bacteria growth,” said Barry Turner, the Director of Environmental Services with The Barren River District Health Department.

Turner says there are ways to help keep your food safe.

"Any fresh produce should be washed very thoroughly, especially if it's going to be eaten raw without any further cooking,” said Turner.

Turner says even pre-washed bagged lettuce should be cleaned to help prevent bacteria.

Besides washing your fresh produce, Turner says to refrigerate it. He says the health department recommends refrigerating food within two hours, but the sooner the better.

"Refrigeration is always the important. Refrigerate 45 degrees or below. That goes for all foods,” said Turner.

If you're concerned you food may have been left out for too long Turner says to live by the old stand-by: when it doubt throw it out.

Turner also says if canned products are swollen or bulging, it can be a sign of spoilage.