Tompkinsville Mayor Faces Nine-Year-Old Criminal Charges

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Tompkinsville Mayor Windell Carter will soon be in court to face a misdemeanor and felony charge after two outstanding charges against him surfaced this week.

Mayor Carter was in court Tuesday to plead not guilty to a traffic ticket he was given for riding his ATV down a highway just outside the city limits. During a routine background search of the court docket, the Monroe County Attorney found two outstanding criminal charges against Mayor Carter.

Carter is charged with the misdemeanor of leaving the scene of an accident in 1994, and a felony charge of wanton endangerment after he allegedly pointed a loaded revolver at a local man and his mother in a downtown confrontation in 1993.

Mayor Carter claims he doesn't remember anything about the incidents or charges, but now faces a pre-trial hearing on Sept. 2 before a judge to determine if their is enough evidence to proceed with the case.

If convicted, Mayor Carter could face one to five years in prison and immediate eviction from office upon conviction.