Hartford Man Arrested for Impersonating KSP Trooper

If you were stopped and issued a traffic citation in McLean County on Saturday... it might not have been real.
Police say 18-year-old Richard Reisz of Hartford was caught impersonating a state trooper as he made false traffic stops on Kentucky 431 north of Livermore.

Reisz was driving a teal green Pontiac Grand Prix with a blue light attached to the front dash. He was also wearing state police attire and had a handgun in his possession.

If you feel you might have been given a false citation in McLean County... please contact the KSP at Post 16. That number is (270) 685-3927.

Captain Wayne Mayfield of KSP Post 3 in Bowling Green says if you are pulled over and are unsure if the officer is legitimate, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

After you're pulled over, keep the doors locked. You can crack a window to speak with the officer.

Feel free to ask for identification... any law enforcement officer should be able to produce proof of his position.
You can also ask to be escorted to a well lighted location where you feel more safe.