"Vote 2006" 2nd Congressional District Race

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After the recent resignation of Republican Congressman Mark Foley, because of inappropriate messages he sent to congressional pages, Democratic candidate, Mike Weaver says it's time for a change in Washington.

Weaver's race with Incumbent Congressman Ron Lewis for the 2nd Congressional District seat, has seen national exposure, as
Democrats hope to gain seats from the GOP in the midterm elections.

Last week, Lewis canceled a fund-raising event with speaker Dennis Hastert, after it was alleged he knew about Foley's relationships with house pages. Lewis says he will wait to hear the truth, before he decides if he will distance himself from Hastert.

"Because I want to know, like everyone, what the facts are, and when I find out what the facts are, I'll make a determination on my support or my lack of support for the speaker."

In recent months, the race between the two candidates has been a heated one, with questions being raised about what some say was a campaign stunt, in which Colonel Weaver lowered gas prices for one hundred drivers, and questions about Congressman Lewis's military service .

"I didn't talk about the lack thereof, he had a press conference here in Bowling Green and one in Owensboro and uh used the word draft dodger two or three times during his press conference. I didn't call him a draft dodge, he called himself a draft dodger."

In the weeks to come, leading up to the election, both candidates will work to try and convince voters they should have the seat. Both candidates have raised the idea of debating, so voters can see where they stand on the big issues. So far, neither have agreed on a date.

While Lewis says he hasn't changed since he was first elected to Congress, and believes the voters haven't changed either, Weaver says the citizens of the 2nd district are ready for a change in direction, and says he would like to be a part of that change.

"I'm the same person that i was 12 years ago, I've had the same values and the same important issues, I've been there for the people of the 2nd district, year in and year out."

"Faith and family values do not belong to a political party, they belong to the individual you send to Congress to represent you, and I am a person of faith and family values and I just happen to be a Democrat."