Cyber Sting Operation

A sexual predator cyber sting operation has resulted in seven arrests throughout the state. Kentucky’s Attorney General, Greg Stumbo, announced today that his office has teamed up with a watch dog group to crack down on sexual deviants.

Click here to view the press release concerning this action.

State authorities and a group called Perverted Justice, has set up a sting to catch sexual deviants who use the internet to look for underage prey.

The group has worked with television networks to create series where offenders are caught. Stumbo says seven men were caught in a legal web set by law enforcement agencies during the operation. Stumbo says the men were out for sex with what they thought was a girl age 12 or 13. The seven men arrested range in age from 23 to 48.

“We found condoms, we found some alcohol, no weapons, unless you consider those to be weapons because they were actually tools that these predators thought would help them perpetrate their crime,” Stumbo says. Those investigating had been working on this case for several weeks.

To see the new cyber safety section on the Attorney General’s website, log onto or log on to for more information on Perverted Justice.

For mug shots of the men arrested thus far, log onto http://tinyurl.comj67s3.