Flu Shot Storage

Cooler temperatures are headed our way and with that comes the dreaded flu season.

Unlike last year the Barren River District Health Department said 100 million doses of flu shots will be distributed around the US. That’s 15 percent more than last year.

The Centers for Disease Control has expanded the age of people at high risk for complications from influenza. If your child is between six months to about five years, or 59 months, Tina Loy with the Health Department said they need to get their flu shot.

“Children are at more risk of developing severe complications from influenza,” Loy explained. Tina adds that household contacts and child care workers also need to get their flu shots.

Each year the Centers for Disease Control says about 36,000 people die of the flu. Health facilities nationwide are amping up the amount of shots to reduce that number.

The CDC said this year’s vaccine is determined by what was circulated last year. They test the strains through viral cultures.

“Generally, the strains circulate for several years; it will provide protection for the most common strings that are out there,” Loy said. She goes on to say October and November are ideal times to get your shot.

Loy explained, “It’s the number one way to prevent influenza. Influenza is the most common reason for death by a vaccine preventable disease.” She also says if you try to get a shot in the fall and can’t for whatever reason to try again.

“Last year our season in this region peaked in early March,” Loy said.

For more vaccination information visit www.cdc.gov.