Hometown Hero- BG Transit Drivers

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In addition to being a dependable service community members say transit drivers make getting from place to place a positive experience.

Kerry Waddell has been riding Bowling Green's public transit for three years now and says he has enjoyed every time he's had to get on the bus.

That's because Kerry says there's something special about the drivers that travel his route.

Mary Ann Jackson has been a transit driver for 19 years.

Hattie Gardner has also been a driver for nine years.

Kerry says he's seen them both go beyond the call of duty on their routes.

He says they are dependable courteous and respectful - qualities he seldom seen in previous bus services.

Hattie says drivers here understand commuter's needs and feel good about being able to help.

Mary Ann says treating commuters well comes easy to her and Hattie because they enjoy what they do and look forward to the many faces they pick up on their routes.

Mostly these hometown hero's say they know how appreciated their services are to this community.

Mary Ann and Hattie say they plan on driving transit buses as long as they are able to.

If you would like more information on Bowling Green's Public Transit schedule you can call 270-782-31-62.