Warren Co. 5th District Magistrate Forum

Election Day is right around the corner and we’re continuing our five o’clock mini-forums with area political candidates.

On October 13, 2006, the candidates for Warren County’s 5th District Magistrate participated in their own WBKO forum. Republican incumbent Terry Young and Democrat challenger Jimmy White had a chance to answer three questions and give a closing statement in a seven minute period of time.

Questions started with incumbent Terry Young and listed below are the questions that were asked:

  • 1. What do you think is the main issue impacting your district and how do you plan to address it?

  • 2. Warren County continues to grow and expand. What do you think needs to be done to anticipate or facilitate the growth as smoothly as possible? Or do you think the growth should be curtailed?

  • 3. What have you accomplished during your time on the court? Why should the voters re-elect you? What issues do you think the current court has failed to address? And what would you do to fix that?

    To hear the candidates answers to the above questions click here, and if you want to hear the candidates’ closing statements click here.

    We remind you that Election Day is November 7th. To see our online calendar of scheduled forums this month and view each forum in their entirety click here.