Western Kentucky Church Vandalism

Parishioners heading to a Baptist church this morning in western Kentucky experienced a rude shock when they found satanic graffiti on the outer walls of the building.

Pastor C-W Jackson says a woman passing by the church this morning noticed the graffiti and called a member of the church. Jackson says members saw anti-Christian slogans and symbols on the building as they arrived for services.

Kentucky State Police say they are investigating the vandalism at the church, 15 miles east of Mayfield on Kentucky 564. Police say someone entered the church fellowship hall by knocking down the door and then painted satanic references on the outside of the building.

KSP Dispatcher Gary Fraser says the total damage was estimated at five-thousand dollars.

The intruders also burned American and Kentucky flags and ran them up a flagpole outside the church. They also damaged flags on graves in the church cemetery. No graves were desecrated, however.